How To Unlock iPhone 7 from Sprint to any carrier

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Do you have a iPhone 7 and you are sick of using Sprint as your carrier? Or, do you need to travel and use it overseas?

Well we have good news for you! Here we are going to show you how to unlock your iPhone 7 from Sprint to use with any carrier that you choose to us. Using the correct unlock chip you can change your carrier to any carrier in the world!



  1. First Order the Unlock SIM – “Click here” to get the Unlock Chip
  2. Insert the Unlock SIM with the desired Carrier SIM
  3. Follow the prompts until you see “Sim Not Supported”
  4. Press the “Home” button, Then Press “Emergency Call”
  5. On the Emergency Call Dialpad Dial “*5005*7672*0#, then hit Dial
  6. Scroll down to edit ICCID and type in the current ICCID, 89014104277806049353
  7. Hit “send” and “Accept”
  8. Power the phone “OFF”, once its off Power it ‘ON”
  9. Follow through the prompts and this time it should unlock and activate and take you to the home screen.


Click the link to watch a step by step instructional video on how to unlock your iPhone 7 from Sprint.

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